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How to Get WiFi If Your Roommate Changed the Password

no wifi

Major problem: your roommate changed the WiFi password. Good thing there’s still hope:

  1. Reset the router’s password using a tech hack
  2. Connect without a password by creating WiFi network names on your device.
  3. Ask your roommate
  4. Negotiate like a pro

The tips above are just the tip of the iceberg, for below are more hacks in dealing with this dilemma. Read on.

At last, you’re home… your apartment!

After a grueling day in class, you thought of all the nice things you would do – from snacking on your favorite Cheetos, watching Stranger Things on Netflix, and of course, scrolling down Facebook to no avail… only to find out…

Thank goodness, this article shows the ways to deal with this untimely crisis.

“Password incorrect. Connection failed.”

What to do? Who to call? Your roommate will be back in probably around five more hours, and you’re not sure what to do.

Thank goodness, this article shows the ways to deal with this untimely crisis. Here I teach you the ropes of handling such a mind-boggling scenario involving your roommate and the WiFi password.

So, first things first. Let us dissect the issue.

Why did she change the WiFi password?

Did you fight? Can you recall something you did that irritated her?

Was it something you said? Were you in good terms before that happened? You have to understand where she’s coming from as you solve this issue.

Know that people do have the tendency to hide emotional pain. Here’s why:

We tend to fear a lot of things.

These fears result in us  concealing our real emotions, retaliating,  or hurting another person. In this case, changing the WiFi password becomes the result. There is a tendency for the hurt individual to hide her emotional weaknesses or powerlessness.

On the other hand, if your roommate is not angry or frustrated at all, perhaps this is just a prank that she’s pulling on you. So in this case, it would be best just to let  it slide, and you’ll see that in time, you will already have the WiFi working. Just be patient.

Anyhow, while you are still searching for solutions, let us delve onto (changed ‘onto’ to ‘into’) the ways to resolve your WiFi concern.

1. Learn how to connect to the WiFi without knowing the password

Yes, you heard that right. You can connect to a WiFi network without a password! Several tutorials online have shared this seemingly impossible trick, and it works.

What you need to do here is to manually add some WiFi network names on your device, and you will already get connected to these vulnerable networks. What works to your advantage here is that most routers with Realtek chip-set inside readily create hidden networks without password protection. Imagine connecting to any WiFi network without their permission (really sneaky, huh?) and even if your roommate does not give in to your pleas.

For a detailed guide on connecting to other networks without any password, check out this awesome hack.

2. Simple method to change the WiFi password to one you know

Your roommate changed the WiFi password, so why don’t you change it too. If they get upset, say that there was a problem with the password, so you were helping and needed it so could get your work done.

To make things smoother, tell your roommate what you changed it to, and give it to them before or when they get home.

Get a CAT 5 or CAT 6 network cable which will connect from your computer to the back of the router. They are the cables offices use for connecting their machines to the internet and are very cheap and easy to get. You may already have one for connecting other things to your internet router.

cat 5 cat 6 network cable

Type into your browser which should get you into the internet router. Your browser will show a web page created by the router, and from there it’s easy to change the WiFi password.

You can also access the internet as much as you like using one of these cables plugged into the internet router.

3. A clever way to the WiFi password to one you know

wifi router

One seemingly magic trick to solve your deep WiFi woes will now come to an end… if you are a tech wizard or can take the time to follow some router hacks. Just follow these steps (highly recommended by a world-renowned startup founder):

  • Reset your router, the device containing your home WiFi network’s settings. To tweak something on your router, you need to log into its software, also called a firmware.
  • Access router graphical user interface (GUI). To log into the web GUI, just open your web browser and the configuration page of your device. Type onto the address bar your router’s IP address. Majority of routers have the following IP address: However, in case it is not, you need to confirm your router’s address. They can be a bit slow to connect, so give the page at least 30 seconds to load. To determine the address, here’s a step-by-step guide by PCMag.
  • Change router login details.
  • Change SSID. The service set identifier is the main name linked with an 802.11 wireless local area network such as public hotspots or home networks. Once changed, other devices previously connected to your WiFi network will be disconnected and will need to join the network again through a new name.
  • Hide SSID. Though this can be quite an issue for some tech experts (as this does not guarantee a flawless execution of your ultimate plan of getting back at your roommate), you can still try this to at least “hide, in a way” your network name. Note, however, that for those with a vast computer background (hopefully not your roommate), this is not fool-proof at all! They can easily locate hidden “IDs” by using a utility such as Kismet, inSSIDer, or NetStumbler.
  • Change password to WPA2 to have the most secure network. Use numbers, characters, and symbols. Doing so will aid as you prevent easy identification of the password. Additional password recommendation: How about something like “I_d0nt_kn0w_wh0_u_r_buT_I_w1ll_f1nD_U!!!$$$”.
  • Register the only physical (MAC) address you want to be connected to your router. A MAC address is a hardware identification number uniquely identifying every device on a network.

Upon performing these steps above, as a tech genius, you are definitely on your way to recovering your upper hand in this WiFi password game. After all, you are the master of your fate, and no one can hinder you from using your internet connection.

4. Call your roommate and ask for the new WiFi password

telephone roommate for wifi password

It’s as simple as that. Or is it, really?

Well, all it takes is you being upfront to ask about the new WiFi password (if, by the way, you are sure that you haven’t mistyped or forgot the password), right? What could be difficult here, you may ask.

But still, this is a serious matter, and you want to be diplomatic about it as much as possible. So, yes, just ask. Your roommate may just be waiting for you to talk to him. Or not.

Before you get too mad, you might find your roommate did it for their purposes and didn’t even think about your needs.  Such as if their Apple TV or other device would not connect to the router and they thought changing the router’s password would make it work again.

5. Use expert negotiating techniques

negotiate with roommate

Life is not all a ‘bed of roses’ nor is it always sunny out there. You cannot always have your way. The same goes true with asking about the WiFi password from your roommate who does not want to tell.

Thus, in this case, you might want to learn to negotiate and have a win-win resolution to your woes. Curious on how you can become victorious in this quest called “Operation: I Want My WiFi Password Back”? You are in luck, for I have gathered tips from expert negotiators.

Note: Everything is negotiable. Put that in mind. Yes, even your WiFi password.

So, okay, here are the tips:

  • Be as pleasant as you can be. Pro negotiators are not obnoxious as they do not want to cause another problem aside from the situation at hand. Remember, you want fewer complications here. You getting angry won’t do you any good (initially).
  • “Give in order to get.” Patrick Collins, in his book “Negotiate to Win!” advises giving something of little or no value to you but is valuable to your target. In this case, what does your roommate really want (that you can give)? If you can trade that for the WiFi password, give that to her. Who knows, that might just be your key to your negotiation victory.
  • Worse comes to worst, you can apply the ultimatum strategies. Speaking of which, if you are curious about  how to adopt these, start with your objection statement followed by a strategic silence. Here’s an example:

“We both pay for the internet connection bill. I not knowing the WiFi password is completely unacceptable!” followed by a complete silence.

Observe their response to your “basic ultimatum”. Did it work? Great!

Nah? Oh well, don’t worry, for there’s “the ultimatum exit” (also from Patrick Collins’ book). In this technique, aside from the “unacceptability” statement, you now give her an “if I don’t get what I want I’ll go elsewhere” add-on.

“Not knowing the WiFi password is unacceptable! If I don’t get the new one ASAP, I’m not paying for the WiFi connection as well!”

Didn’t work as well? No worries, you can customize your negotiation. Take your pick among various options. Just try and try and you will soon succeed!

If all else fails, however, I still have several other tips to get back your most coveted WiFi password. Hang in there.

6. Get yourself another hotspot or WiFi connection

wifi hotspot dongle

Dumbfounded on what to do already that you want to get it over and done with? No problem! You can get yourself another hotspot or WiFi connection, and you’ll have an internet connection for yourself (no sharing this time).

If she does not want to share the WiFi password just because of a petty issue or to fool around with you, then so be it. If you are tired of these games and want to get it over with real quick, this solution may be the perfect fit.

Simply choose your preferred tool (a pocket WiFi, public free WiFi, your mobile/portable hotspot, and others) and enjoy!

Just some caveats, though, for there are pros and cons to every option. For instance, if you will be utilizing the public free WiFi, you would have to bear with intermittent connectivity, and may already know that most of them are not totally free. Restaurants and hotels have WiFi connections, but of course, you would have to order something or pay for your stay there.

Likewise, if you want to use a pocket WiFi, of course, you would need to shell out some bucks. A pocket WiFi or mobile WiFi hotspot device is better, though, than tethering from your phone due to the following:

  • Longer battery life
  • More devices to connect
  • Stronger connectivity

Several mobile WiFi hotspot providers offer prepaid plans for you to choose from. Depending on your preferred data usage, you might want to consider comparing several plans before you purchase. To aid you with your selection, check out this helpful comparison chart from 20SomethingFinance.

7. Call for help

When in doubt, it may now be time to call someone for help. Who do you think can help you out when all else fails? Anyone who you believe would either make “she who must not be named” a.k.a. your roommate reveal the mysterious password? If so, never waste another second for time may be running out!

Examples are a friend of your roommate who would tell them not to be so stupid. The friend may even know your roommate so well, that they know what they would have changed the password to.

Meanwhile, if you mean to call on a tech wizard, that’s another option. Your friend can then help you out in resetting your router’s configuration (if you don’t want to give yourself the burden of learning how to do it). Smart move, too, eh?

8. Do nothing. Well, sort of.

Your roommate may just be playing around for a while. If this is the case and you are up for the waiting game, then this tip is for you.

If you can still spare some time relaxing over a cup of coffee, reading your favorite books by Seth Godin, and watching some flicks or TV shows (no Netflix, however), you are in luck! This period without WiFi is the perfect time to just be with yourself, contemplate about life, and best of all, to appreciate life without the Internet.

After all, you survived before (even without WiFi around), right?

Take the opportunity to do a digital detox, they’re great

Some internet detox will even do you good, according to studies.

Yes, digital detox, based on a study in 2017, can be beneficial in so many ways.  First of all, you get to strengthen your relationships in person (your real relationships). Not to mention reducing your stress. Without the Internet, you also have more “me” time. Just imagine how much time you can devote for self-care. Likewise, with less or even no internet connection, you can get more sleep, too. Add to that more productive days, creative juices flowing right through you, and more time for physical activities. In a nutshell, your mental health is expected to improve as well.

As you can see, despite our highly technological world today, we still need a breather from all this connectivity. In as much as we want to capture everything the Internet has to offer, we, too, will suffer if we fail to manage ourselves when online.

In a way, yes, your roommate’s antic still has a pro, right? If you do not want to bother with her silly behavior, indeed, you might just want to rest your case and enjoy your digital detox – courtesy of your beloved roommate.

Writer: Celine Francisco

celine francisco


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