indian food

How to Deal with Your Roommate Cooking Indian Food

We’ve had a lot of Indian people telling us the challenges of sharing with non Indian friends because of how Indian cooking uses strong ingredients.

We LOVE Indian food, especially when people make it for us which gave us special motivation to write this article. Thank you so much to the many people who helped us find out it’s a common problems and discover these top 16 solutions.

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roommate eats all the food

What to Do If Your Roommate Eats All the Food

What to do if your roommate eats all the food, the top 6 tips that really work.

The solutions include how to agree on house rules, labeling your food, stopping them from stealing it, understanding their behavior, and others.

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roommates dog poops everywhere

How to Sort out If Your Roommate’s Dog Poops Everywhere

If your roommate’s dog is pooping everywhere and they won’t sort it out, or let you do so. There are loads of methods to resolve the situation.

It takes a couple of months to train a dog not to poop everywhere, and there are loads of products which will get you by in the meantime.

This guide shows you how to deal with your roommate and what to do if you are renting from a landlord, the roommate is your tenant, and so on.

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