roommate college expectations

How to Manage College Roommate Expectations

Setting expectations with your college roommates as soon as possible is essential. It means you can set out what each of you finds acceptable and needs.

It’s so much harder to do this later on once people have established their habits and what they have a right to.

This is the expert guide for how what expectations you should set with your roommates, how high should the standards be and how to do it.

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cat misses roommate

What to Do If Cat Misses Your Roommate

It’s horrible when the cat misses your roommate. I have it every August when my roommate goes away for work.

I have researched and tried all the best techniques, and these are the ones that work. Including for if your roommate goes and may never come back.

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problem cat

10 Biggest Roommate Cat Problems and How to Solve Them

Having a cat and a roommate can cause so many problems.

This is the ultimate guide to those problems and how to solve them.

It includes everything from if the cat pees in the wrong places, fights, sheds hair, climbs on furniture, has no boundaries, attacks guests, and so on.

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