dog biting roommate

What to Do If Your Roommate’s Dog Bites You

Here I give the full details for what to do if your roommate’s dog bites you.

It includes calling animal control if your roommate doesn’t take it seriously, how to see what your lease says about pets, getting the landlord involved, going to court.

Also, how to handle the dog and your roommate

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dog with fleas

What to Do If Your Roommate’s Dog Has Fleas

If your roommate’s dog has fleas, the problem may not just be the dog; it can often be getting your roommate to take it seriously.

This guide shows how to handle your roommate, make them take it seriously, and get rid of the fleas.

sad cat

What to Do If Your Roommate Abandoned Their Cat

Sadly I know of many incidents of a roommate abandoning their cat and the other roommate having to hand the situation.

This full guide tells you the legal situation, how to handle your roommate, get on with the cat, and find it the best possible home if needed.

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