roommate eating mouth open

What to Do When Roommate Smacks Food

My roommate used to smack food, and it was really annoying!

These are solutions that I used, and they worked, plus others which have worked well for other people.

With these 11 solutions, you can stop your roommate smacking food, or make it tolerable.

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stealing food

How to Stop Your Roommate from Stealing Food

If you’re roommate is stealing your food, sadly it’s common problem.

Some roommates take small amounts thinking they can get away with it and you won’t notice, others don’t care and are brazen thieves.

This guide has the 10 best solutions.

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call police

Should I Call the Police If My Roommate Is Stealing My Food

If you call the police as your roommate is stealing food, they need proof that they are doing it, and usually, say it is too trivial a matter for them to deal with.

Also, as you are living with your roommate, legally you have a civil relationship which is done by the civil courts and not the criminal courts that police use for their convictions.

All this means they usually won’t do anything.

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